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The following will provide tutorials, definitions and resources for Wikis. You are not required to look at all of the material, but search it until you feel that you have a good understanding of what is required for you to fulfill the assignment.

Table of contents
  1. Whats a Wiki?
    1. Where Can I Create My Own Wiki?
    2. A quality debate, or Wikipedia versus Britannica
    3. Example
    4. Links To Learning
    5. Assignment

Whats a Wiki?

Where Can I Create My Own Wiki?

A list of wiki farms. ( )

Some are free, some are not. A description is included with each wiki address. Examples:

  1. Peanut Butter Wiki ( )
  2. JotSpot ( )
  3. Community Wiki ( )
  4. Media Wiki ( )(the one you are seeing right now)

A quality debate, or Wikipedia versus Britannica

Internet encyclopaedias go head to head ( )


Links To Learning


  1. Contribute to an article of your own choosing on Wikipedia ( )
  2. Make a post to your blog describing your contribution
  3. Update the INST 5280 Blog List
  4. Link the update to your blog
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