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The following will provide tutorials, definitions and resources for podcasting. You are not required to look at all of the material, but search it until you feel that you have a good understanding of what is required for you to fulfill the assignment.

Table of contents
  1. What is a Podcast?
    1. More definitions:
  2. Links to Learning
    1. How to subscribe and listen to them:
    2. These are samples of subscription 'badges:'
  3. 3 Assignment

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are audio programs that are broadcasted over the Internet. They are MP3 files which can be downloaded onto a compatible digital player or played on your computer. You can download one or many, for free (generally), or you can subscribe to an RSS service for downloads so you can be alerted when new postings are made available. The name podcast comes from compounding the words iPod and broadcast .

More definitions:

  • Wikipedia ( )
  • PBWiki ( )
  • Yahoo ( )
  • PodcastAlley ( )
  • iLounge ( )
  • Wired (,70884-0.html )
  • Apple's page ( )

Links to Learning

A good tutorial ( )This is the same link above (PBWiki).

An ipod tutorial ( )

How to subscribe and listen to them:

  • You will need a 'podcast software client' that will download the feed via your Internet connection:
    • For Windows, Mac or Linux (multi-platform podcasting application) see: iPodder ( ).
    • For windows see: NIMIQ ( ), podfeeder ( ), or Doppler ( ).
    • For Mac see PlayPod ( ).
  • This will create a download of a small text file called “.pcast”. This tells your music software what podcast to download, then notifies you of new episodes whenever they are available.
  • You can listen to podcasts directly from your computer. If you want to take a podcast with you, any MP3 player or iPod will work. You do not need iTunes.
             iTunes info
             Yahoo info
             Podcast Alley info

These are samples of subscription 'badges:'

podcasts_120_1.gif ( )

podcasts_88_1.gif ( )

podcastalley_icon.gif ( )

podcastalley_icon_2.gif ( )

dopplerbutton.gif ( )

PlayPod_badge.gif ( )

nimiq_small.gif ( )


  1. Subscribe to at least one podcast
  2. Follow it for a week
  3. Post a link to the podcast's website to your blog
    1. Describe your favorite moments in the podcast
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