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The following will provide tutorials, definitions and resources for Bookmark Sharing. You are not required to look at all of the material, but search it until you feel that you have a good understanding of what is required for you to fulfill the assignment.

Table of contents
  1. Social Bookmarking - Overview and Uses
    1. Social bookmarking services
    2. Examples
    3. Links to Learning
    4. Assignment

Social Bookmarking - Overview and Uses

Browsers usually have a feature which allows you to record a website that you like. But it is a list that is resident on that computer only. Social bookmarking is a way to upload and organize the sites you normally would 'bookmark' so that they are accessible and shareable at any time from any computer. To quote D-Lib magazine: ( ) "Just as long as those hyperlinks (or let's call them plain old links) are managed, tagged, commented upon, and published onto the Web , they represent a user's own personal library placed on public record, which – when aggregated with other personal libraries – allows for rich, social networking opportunities."

Social bookmarking services

Here is an extensive list ( ) of bookmarking services that includes a description of each

Here are a few that were not on that list:


Links to Learning


  1. Create an account on one of the social bookmarking systems
  2. Add several bookmarks to it
  3. Post a link to your bookmarks on your blog
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