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Professor Wiley

Professor David Wiley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Instructional Technology
Utah State University

Image courtesy of Utah State University

About Professor Wiley

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David Wiley is deeply interested in using technology in innovative ways to advance educational opportunity around the world. An Associate Professor of Instructional Technology at Utah State University, Prof. Wiley's work in reusable educational materials, social support for learning, and open access policies have won him numerous awards and recognitions. In 2002 the National Science Foundation granted Prof. Wiley a CAREER award for his promising work in alternative models of digital educational material use and reuse in informal, online learning communities. This work and his passion for increasing access to educational opportunity have resulted in formal partnerships with several groundbreaking projects, including MIT's OpenCourseWare Initiative, the joint MIT/Microsoft iCampus project, and Rice University's Connexions project, for which Prof. Wiley's team provides social software enabling distributed, informal learning support. The author of over 40 scholarly articles and book chapters, Prof. Wiley's work has been written about in The New York Times, The London Financial Times, The Hindu, WIRED, and other media outlets. Dr. Wiley is also an active consultant, whose past clients include the Institute for Defense Analyses and PBS.

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