Cast of Characters & How To Use This Book

Cast of Characters

This book is written as a series of conversations. In each conversation the participants discuss, argue about, and develop issues critical to the effective design and instructional use of learning objects. The cast of characters includes:

Each of these brings a unique perspective to the conversation.

How to Use this Book

As the book is being authored on a wiki, I hope that individuals like each of the characters will represent their perspectives first hand. YES, this means I hope that you will add to the conversation when you see a need. Even if you only ask a question as a character, and want a response from me as another character, go ahead! And don't be afraid that you'll break or ruin anything... change tracking let's me see exactly what has and hasn't happened for each chapter.


These characters are being written in by authors other than David. They are currently not well integrated into the book and their comments may eventually be given to other characters.

The wiki for the book can be found at Conversations About Learning Objects

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