How to Get a Blog

A. Why do I need to set up a blog?

B. To participate in the class, and do semi-useful things like post assignments and receive points. Parenthetically, I should mention that if you already have a blog you want to use, you're welcome to do that.

A. I thought blogs came later in the semester...

B. They do. We'll cover blogs in quite a bit of detail then. For now, you just need to get one created and figure out how to post messages on it.

A. So is this the worst type of learning by doing or what? Don't I get any help?

B. Yes, of course. Go to Blogger and use their completely free service to setup a blog. You should be able to do this in [literally] 120 seconds. If you hit a snag at all, the help is superb.

A. So that's it? Just go make a blog?

B. Not quite. Try doing the following. Actually, don't just try -- definitely do these things, since points are attached to this assignment.

Assignment: Hello World

  1. Create your own blog on Blogger as above.
  2. Make a post that says "Hello World!" like this post does.
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