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Research Design Options

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Do Only ONE Research Design - Select One:

Click here for Needs Assessment

You've now had a chance to see examples of both formative evaluation and formal needs assessment and to go through the design process for both. In this exercise, you will be asked to pick your own problem for research and to take it through the basic design process. It can be in the area of education, of course, and probably will be. However, if you wanted to expand into another area, that would be fine. For example, in our community right now, there are fund raising efforts going on to build an ice rink. If, after contacting the organizers, it seemed that a formal needs assessment would help their efforts that might be something you could do. The more real the problem you can work on, the better. Once again, if you or others helping you (e.g. a class you teach at school, now or during the next school year) can actually take the study through to completion, so much the better.

Click here for Creative Prospectus Project

You’ve now had a chance to see examples of how one student, Tara D. Schurz, developed a Creative Project Prospectus. You should have worked through the design process, making decisions at important points and then comparing your decisions with those Tara made. In this exercise you will be asked to pick your own problem for a Creative Project Prospectus and to take it through the basic design process. This will include defining the creative project topic, determining which current option for a Creative Project that it fits into, conducting a preliminary search of the literature, exploring alternative options for doing the project, and selecting a particular strategy to follow. You will be going through the stages we have experienced before, except that this time you will not have the expert’s solution for comparison.

Practical Research Reading Assignment

  • Read Chapter 12
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