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Assingment Introduction

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Forward Click here for Needs Analysis Assignment

We often teach about needs assessment as an integral part of the instructional design process, which it is. It is also a form of research that can be valuable in setting direction for a program or project. This Guided Design exercise takes you through the process of designing a needs assessment for the Dept. of Instructional Technology.

Once again, you should be aware that there are many ways that a needs assessment study can be conducted. In this exercise, there will be a number of branches to the program that you can try out, allowing more flexibility in responding that has been evident in past Guided Design exercises.

Forward Click here for Creative Prospectus Assignment

We often talk about "proposal drafts". That is because these documents are generally modified and reworked several times before being approved by your chairperson and the full committee. This exercise is designed to help you develop a short version of the proposal, a "Prospectus", that will communicate your intentions and will serve as a first draft of a document for your proposal. The final proposal will probably be somewhat longer and more detailed than what you develop for this class. As a general guideline for this class a prospectus should be considered a small proposal (usually 4-6 pages, typed double spaced), while a full proposal will usually be longer and more detailed (12-15 pages).

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