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Formative Evaluation: Activity Options

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Formative Evaluation Activity :: Ed-Net Masters Program Assignment :: Formative Analysis Assignment :: ITEP Assignment

You have two research design activity options in this unit. You are required to do only one activity. Each activity uses the guided design model simulating formative evaluations that have already been conducted. Select the option that will best suit your interests.

Click here for the Ed-net Masters Program

The Ed-net activity is a real evaluation problem that I faced following my return from sabbatical in the Republic of South Africa in 1996. The problem was determining how to provide a formative evaluation for newly inaugurated the ED-Net masters program.

Click here for the International Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

The ITEP activity deals with the training and retention of teachers in a remote area of the world. The exercises lead to the setting up of a formative evaluation design using qualitative methods.

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