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Turning Research into Results

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Reading Assignment :: Essay Quiz Options :: Engaging Teachers :: Turning Research into Results


After reading the Richard E. Clark and Fred Estes book Turning Research into Results: A guide to selecting the right performance solutions (CEP Press, 2002) , respond to the following questions. In doing so, you will be asked to apply this learning in an organizational setting you know well. It is preferable for you to use the same organizational setting for all three questions (though it is possible to use more than one setting if it makes your points more clearly). The total length of your paper should not exceed 6 pages double-spaced, roughly 2 pages per question.

  • In the early chapters of the book, Clark and Estes suggest some sources for obtaining well-designed research. What are these sources, and how trustworthy do you feel that they are? Select one cited in the book that you can investigate on the World Wide Web, check it out, and report one finding that you feel would be useful in an organizational setting you know well. (An example study might be one found at the National Academy of Sciences, referred to on p. 14 of the text, retrievable at: ).
  • A key element in the Clark & Estes book's framework for performance improvement involves motivation. In what ways can the 4 factors for increasing motivation discussed on pp. 90-97 be used more effectively than they currently are in an organizational setting you know well?
  • Take one of the book's three final case studies (Ch. 8, 9, or 10) that describes a situation comparable to one that you know well. Which elements of the case solution would be likely to work in your chosen situation, and which would likely fail there?

As a final paragraph, not graded, give your assessment of the value of this book for the kind of work you do. If you could improve one element of the book, what would it be?

  • The total length of your paper should not exceed 6 pages double-spaced, roughly 2 pages per question.
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