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Reading Assignment :: Essay Quiz Options :: Engaging Teachers :: Turning Research into Results

Essay Quiz Options from Course Readings

Do Only ONE Essay - Select One:

Engaging Teachers Chapters 2-8 Essay - Quiz 1A

The purpose of this quiz is to get you fully involved with this book, Engaging Teachers by Betty Bisplinghoff and JoBeth Allen. Before you begin writing the quiz, you should have read the book thoroughly. Draw upon the book, notes from your reading, and any insights that have come in class discussions. You can cite other sources and draw from them if you want, but that is not required. Please answer the questions below as clearly and thoroughly as you can. The maximum pages allowed are 6 double-spaced pages, 10 point type minimum.

Turning Research Into Results Essay - Quiz 1B

After reading the Richard E. Clark and Fred Estes book Turning Research into Results: A guide to selecting the right performance solutions (CEP Press, 2002) , respond to the following questions. In doing so, you will be asked to apply this learning in an organizational setting you know well. It is preferable for you to use the same organizational setting for all three questions (though it is possible to use more than one setting if it makes your points more clearly). The total length of your paper should not exceed 6 pages double-spaced, roughly 2 pages per question.

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