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Engaging Teachers

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Reading Assignment :: Essay Quiz Options :: Engaging Teachers :: Turning Research into Results

Engaging Teachers Essay - Quiz 1A


The purpose of this quiz is to get you fully involved with this book, Engaging Teachers by Betty Bisplinghoff and JoBeth Allen. Before you begin writing the quiz, you should have read the book thoroughly. Draw upon the book, notes from your reading, and any insights that have come in class discussions. You can cite other sources and draw from them if you want, but that is not required. Please answer the questions below as clearly and thoroughly as you can. The maximum pages allowed are 6 double-spaced pages, 10 point type minimum.

  • What is "teacher research"? Describe the elements you feel are essential in making teacher research workable in a public school or other setting. Comment on the elements of teacher collaboration, journal writing, team building, cooperation with university types, sponsorship from a professional organization and outside funding as to which are essential and which are just "nice to have." Support your argument with elements from the various chapters of B & A's book.

  • Take a stand for or against the position described in the following paragraph (from page 41, second paragraph). Do you think that this approach is workable in today's competitive environment - to be published in journals, to obtain funding, to be recognized beyond ones own school? What obstacles do you see to implementing this kind of approach?

    "It may seem obvious that taking up teacher research is about learning what we as teachers can do that will benefit our students' intellectual, social, and civic development. Educational research is ideally intended to create knowledge that benefits students. However, collecting data according to the conditions deemed most appropriate to a prescribed method becomes the primary concern of many outsider researchers (e.g., university professors and doctoral students). Often what these researchers want to do in classrooms conflicts with the unpredictable complexities of day-to-day circumstances in the lives of children and their teachers. We submit that conducting teacher research is different because what matters most is what is best for the students at any moment in time. Thus the goals of the research must be continuously evaluated and accordingly revised in light of the students' best interests. If at any time some aspect of the research conflicts with student needs, then it is necessary to abandon, alter, or postpone the research. (B&A, p. 41)."

  • Examine an issue that is raised somewhere in the book that has relevance to your situation. Describe your own situation, why the issue is applicable and what your personal position on the issue would be.
  • The maximum pages allowed are 6 double-spaced pages, 10 point type minimum.
  • Use your own word processor and then follow directions found on the menu - 2.1.1 Submit.

Click here for Quiz Instructions and Grading Rubric (PDF)

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