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Fishing Trip Introduction

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The Fishing Trip: An Introduction to the Process of Decision-Making

This is a fun decision making process activity. It works best when done with a group of 3 to 6. If possible find friends, colleagues, students, or even older children to accompany you.

Many of you have probably gone on an automobile trip only to have the car break down on the highway. Although this can be inconvenient and annoying, help is usually within walking distance and there is little danger involved. In contrast, imagine the problem you might have if you had a breakdown while out in a boat on a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. That's the situation we want you to deal with in this one-hour project. You will be asked to participate in this situation in two ways. First, there is an individual exercise in which you are asked to rank a list of items. Second, you are asked to work as part of a team to explore the best way to deal with the problem. However due to the unique atmosphere of this class it may be necessary for you to find your own group to work with. We suggest colleagues, friends, children, students or whoever would be willing to do this activity with you. We are supplying a chat tool and a threaded discussion, which we encourage you to check, to see if someone else is working at the same time or has shared their own findings.

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