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Economics 4010–Managerial Economics


  1. Principles of Microeconomics (e.g. Econ 2010 at USU)
  2. Business Calculus (e.g. Math 1100 at USU)
  3. Basic Statistics (e.g. Stats 2300 at USU)

Required Text: Managerial Economics, 11th edition, Mark Hirschey, 2006. ISBN#0-324-31495-7
The Study Guide for Managerial Economics, 11th edition, ISBN# 0-324-28895-6, is not absolutely necessary but is strongly recommended.

Instructor: Tyler J. Bowles, Ph.D., CPA

Course Description and Objectives: This course covers the essential principles and tools of Managerial Economics, the application of microeconomics to management decisions. Students who master this material will be better prepared for leadership positions in business, not-forprofit, and government entities.

Exam Information: Each exam will be composed of two parts: (1) a set of multiple choice questions that reflect the quizzes in that unit and (2) a set of problems that reflect the questions from the problem’s section of each assignment in that unit.

Information Concerning the Problems: The problems are from the back of each chapter in the text. Thinking about and answering these problems is the best way to prepare for the multiple-choice quizzes and the exams. Although you do not need to submit this material, you are strongly encouraged to complete the “questions” and the problems in the Study Guide for each chapter. Again, this will help you prepare for the required quizzes and exams. You may see some of these same questions on the multiple-choice quizzes and exams.

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