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Course Description

This course is designed to help you build an understanding of the economics of the market place. In particular we focus on microeconomic principles that demonstrate the role and limitations of both competitive and imperfectly competitive markets in motivating socially efficient consumer, business, and public sector choices. You are welcome to work ahead of the schedule or you may fall behind (which is discouraged).


The text for this class is Microeconomics, 6th edition by Boyes and Melvin (ISBN 0-618- 67826-3). The Study Guide may be useful but is not required.

Assignments & Exams

This course requires completion of fifteen structured assignments and four examinations. Each assignment contains a combination of multiple-choice and essay questions covering material in the assigned readings. Exams contain only multiple choice questions. The first exam will cover assignments 1-4, inclusive; the second, assignments 5-8, inclusive; the third covers assignments 9-12, inclusive; and the fourth, assignments 13-15, inclusive.

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