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  Tyler J. Bowles
  Macroeconomics (6 ed.) By Boyes/Melvin
Course Description and Objectives:

From experience, I honestly can say that the majority of you will find this course interesting and rewarding. We will discuss and come to better appreciate the

  1. workings of a market economy;
  2. the institutions upon which the market system is based;
  3. the history and development of U.S. economic institutions;
  4. the economic role of government in a market economy;
  5. the nature and causes of inflation, unemployment, and changes in national output and standards of living;
  6. the workings of the banking system and the role of the Federal Reserve;
  7. and

  8. the benefits of international trade.
Instructional Methods:

Most of the material for the course comes from the assigned readings from the text. In addition, audio lectures are available for chapters one through eight.

You will complete 15 assignments. Each of the 15 assignments contains a multiple choice quiz and two essay questions covering material on the assigned readings.

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