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Prerequisites: An introductory macroeconomics course (e.g., Economics 1500 at Utah State University), and an introductory microeconomic course (e.g., Economics 2010 at USU).
Required Text:
  1. International Economics , 9th edition, Robert J. Carbaugh, 2004. ISBN 0324159943
  2. Study Guide for International Economics , 9th edition, prepared by James S. Hanson, 2004. ISBN 0324182287
Recommended: Carbaugh Xtra! ( ). If you purchase a new book, there is a card attached to the inside cover that will give you free access to Carbaugh Xtra. Students purchasing a used book can buy access to Carbaugh Xtra! online at the above mentioned web page address.
Instructor: Tyler J. Bowles, Ph.D., CPA

Course Description and Objectives: This course provides a broad overview of international trade theory, policy, and international finance. Students who master this material will be better able to work in and make contributions to organizations (e.g., business firms) involved in international trade and finance issues.

Assignment Information:

Assignments consist of multiple choice quizzes and problems and short answer questions. The multiple choice quizzes are available online. The problems and short answer questions need to be completed the old fashioned way (pencil and paper).

Short Answer Problems

The "Problems and Short Answer Questions" are from the required Study Guide. Note that many of the answers to these questions also are provided in the Study Guide . However, please do not cheat yourself through over reliance on the answer key. Thinking about and answering these problems and short answer questions is the best way to prepare for the multiple choice quizzes and the exams.

Although you do not need to submit this material, you are strongly encouraged to complete the T/F and multiple choice quizzes in the Study Guide for each chapter. Again, this will help you prepare for the required quizzes and exams. You may see some of these same questions on the multiple choice quizzes and exams that do count towards your grade.
Concerning the "Problems and Short Answer Questions," please follow all of the instructions below:

  1. Keep a copy of your assignment.
  2. Only work on one side of the paper.
  3. Be neat.

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