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Terms of Use

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Intellectual Property

All comments posted in eduCommons are the property of their authors and are licensed for display, copying, reuse, and distribution according to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0. The full text of the license is available online at .

Representing material posted in eduCommons by another individual as your own work in online or offline settings is strictly prohibited and constitutes grounds for immediate termination of your eduCommons account and may lead to civil and/or criminal charges.

Liability Disclaimer

Information, advice, opinions, and other expressions in eduCommons are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. The entire liability for any use of any materials available through eduCommons lies with the user of the materials.

Abuse of eduCommons

The following list describes activities that are strictly prohibited within eduCommons. Attempting or succeeding to allow or commit any of the acts prohibited below constitutes grounds for immediate termination of your eduCommons account and may lead to civil and/or criminal charges. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Users shall not do anything to intentionally degrade the performance of eduCommons hardware, software, or network resources.
  • Users shall not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any portion of eduCommons.
  • Users shall not post commercial solicitations or "spam" comments in eduCommons.
  • Users shall not attempt to spread viruses, worms, or other files harmful to computer systems and/or networks via eduCommons.
  • Users shall not gather personal information about other users (including, but not limited to, harvesting email addresses) via eduCommons.
  • Users shall not share their password or account with other individuals.
  • Users shall refrain from making harassing, intimidating, or libelous statements or other expressions in eduCommons.
  • Users shall refrain from offensive/inflammatory statements or other expressions (for example, offensive images) in eduCommons.
  • Users shall not engage in impersonation or other behavior designed to deceive eduCommons users and/or community leaders.
  • Users shall respect the intellectual freedom of others’ expression of their opinions and ideas.

Reporting Suspected Violations of these Terms of Use

All forum postings are the property of, and are copyrighted by, their individual authors and posters. The Center for Open and Sustainable Learning, Utah State University, and other members of the eduCommons community are not responsible for content posted in eduCommons. These posts are licensed for display, copying, reuse, and distribution according the Creative Commons license described in this document.

At the bottom right of all messages posted in eduCommons appears a link that looks like this: "Report an inappropriate message". If you believe a message in eduCommons violates the Terms of Use described in this document, you may click the "Report" link to report the message to site administrators. They will examine the message, remove the message if it violates these Terms, and determine whether or not the poster's account should be terminated and/or other action perused. You must be logged in to report a message which is in violation of these Terms. You must also provide a brief summary of why you think the message is inappropriate. Should you frequently report messages that are judged to not actually violate these Terms, your user account may be terminated.

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