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Course Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements for successfully conducting the online version of this course:

  • A computer with keyboard and speakers (or headset)
  • A 56k Internet connection (use a high speed connection for optimal performance)
  • A printer and a supply of paper (will use about 4 sheets per class)
  • A 3-1/2 inch floppy disk, zip disk, or usb drive for backup


  • English Immersion 8 in 1 Dictionary (cost about $20 per copy)

Offline Version of Course

An offline version of this course has been created, which does not require an internet connection (other than to download the files). The offline version has the lessons as Microsoft Word documents ( Lessons ZIP , 1.4MB) and Windows Media Player audio files accompanying lessons 1-24 ( Audio ZIP , 60.7MB). You will need a decompression program like WinZip or StuffIt to extract the files. And you will need Windows Media Player to listen to the audio files.

Course Summary

  • There are 99 lessons.
  • Materials are presented in English and Spanish.
  • Each lesson features a common verb in one of the three principle tenses (present, past, and future) and provides instruction in conjugation and proper use of the verb.
  • Students should have basic typing and computer skills.
  • Students either use the web or a word processing program to review and print the lessons.
  • There is an element of vocabulary building that allows the student to listen to the correct pronunciation of the words and practice speaking the words. The goal is to learn 10 new words each lesson.
  • Students are encouraged to supplement their learning in CALFNES with material on , a free web site. This site offers many resources to the student and includes 19 structured lessons each with numerous subsections.
  • Students are given practice in listening, speaking, and writing in English and Spanish. Optional sound files are provided in many of the lessons to help with pronunciation.
  • Lessons contain homework materials that can be used for individual at-home study. These lessons are augmented by computer access, but are not dependent upon them.
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