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CALFNES Lesson 96b

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CALFNES Exercise in Listening to English


  1. Mark the first of the following three sections of text (number 3) and copy it to the clipboard.
  2. Minimize Microsoft Word.
  3. Open TALK IT ( EXE ).
  4. Paste the text to the TALK IT window.
  5. Listen for a while to the text.
  6. Reopen Microsoft Word.
  7. Mark the second section of text (number 4) and copy it to the clipboard.
  8. Reopen TALK IT.
  9. Paste the text to the TALK IT window.
  10. Listen for a while to the text.
  11. Reopen Microsoft Word.
  12. Mark the third section of text (number 5) and copy it to the clipboard.
  13. Reopen TALK IT.
  14. Paste the text to the TALK IT window.
  15. Listen for a while to the text.
  16. Close TALK IT.
  17. Reopen Microsoft Word and print the page.


You will watch the children play.

You will not watch the children play.

Will you watch the children play?

He will watch the soccer game.

He will not watch the soccer game.

Will he watch the soccer game?


La tarea

He will watch for his friends to arrive.

I will watch to see if the birds will come.

They will watch too much television.

You will watch your younger brother.

Juan will watch his girl friend make the lunch.

Maria and I will not watch television.

We will not watch the news programs.

He will not watch the traffic when he walks.

Will she watch for cars coming?

Will they watch the dancers on the stage?

Will Gabriela watch what she eats?



Will you watch our children for us while we go to the store? Sure, we will watch them for you.

We will watch them play in the park while you are gone. They will watch the big boys play baseball.

They will also watch the ducks swim on the pond.

We will watch out for dangers. You can watch the fireworks when you get back from the store.


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