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CALFNES Lesson 85b

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CALFNES Exercise in Listening to English


  1. Mark the first of the following three sections of text (number 3) and copy it to the clipboard.
  2. Minimize Microsoft Word.
  3. Open TALK IT ( EXE ).
  4. Paste the text to the TALK IT window.
  5. Listen for a while to the text.
  6. Reopen Microsoft Word.
  7. Mark the second section of text (number 4) and copy it to the clipboard.
  8. Reopen TALK IT.
  9. Paste the text to the TALK IT window.
  10. Listen for a while to the text.
  11. Reopen Microsoft Word.
  12. Mark the third section of text (number 5) and copy it to the clipboard.
  13. Reopen TALK IT.
  14. Paste the text to the TALK IT window.
  15. Listen for a while to the text.
  16. Close TALK IT.
  17. Reopen Microsoft Word and print the page.


You rest after studying English.

You do not rest after studying English.

Do you rest after studying English?

She rests after running.

She does not rest after running.

Does she rest after running?


La tarea

He rests every afternoon after lunch.

I rest when I feel tired.

They rest before every soccer game.

You rest often when climbing a mountain.

Juan rests before visiting his girl friend.

Maria and I do not rest after the class.

We do not rest during the day.

He does not rest after doing his homework.

Does he rest during the night?

Do they rest after dancing?

Does Gabriela rest when she should be working?



Do you rest every day? Yes, I rest when I have time during the day.

John rests every once in a while by sitting down and reading a book. Does Silvia rest after she does her exercises?

No, she never rests during the day. She only rests at night when she goes to bed.

That’s true, some people rest often and others never rest .


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