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CALFNES Lesson 80b

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CALFNES Exercise in Listening to English


  1. Mark the first of the following three sections of text (number 3) and copy it to the clipboard.
  2. Minimize Microsoft Word.
  3. Open TALK IT ( EXE ).
  4. Paste the text to the TALK IT window.
  5. Listen for a while to the text.
  6. Reopen Microsoft Word.
  7. Mark the second section of text (number 4) and copy it to the clipboard.
  8. Reopen TALK IT.
  9. Paste the text to the TALK IT window.
  10. Listen for a while to the text.
  11. Reopen Microsoft Word.
  12. Mark the third section of text (number 5) and copy it to the clipboard.
  13. Reopen TALK IT.
  14. Paste the text to the TALK IT window.
  15. Listen for a while to the text.
  16. Close TALK IT.
  17. Reopen Microsoft Word and print the page.


You brought me the newspaper.

You did not bring me the newspaper.

Did you bring me the newspaper?

She brought us good luck.

She did not bring us good luck.

Did she bring us good luck?


La tarea

He brought the food to the table.

I brought my books to the class.

They brought us our coats.

You brought to the children many gifts.

Juan brought flowers to his girl friend.

Maria and I didn’t bring our parents anything.

We did not bring our children to the class.

He did not bring his homework to class.

Did he bring his homework to the class?

Did they bring the food quickly in that restaurant?

Did Gabriela bring her daughter with her?



Did you bring your homework with you to class? Yes, I brought it with me.

Did Carla bring her book? No she did not bring her book but she brought her homework.

Great! I brought you a special book about Mexico to read. Did you bring me one too? Oh pardon me, I did not bring it this time, I forgot it.

However, I brought something to show you. I brought you a piece of art from ancient Mexico.


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