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Literary Arts of Theatre

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(NOTE: You should read or view a video or DVD of the play "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller before doing this lesson (there are a couple of really good filmed versions of this play). This play is also read in conjunction with the Tragedy lesson.)

The dramaturg is kind of like a literary/historical expert of the theatre. Explore this excellent site, and then do the following assignment:

The Dramaturgy Pages

Discussion Group Entry ("Dramaturgy"):

Do one of the following:

OPTION 1) write program notes for a program for Death of a Salesman . In your notes, guide the audience toward various themes of the play without actually revealing any outright. Your notes should discuss most of the following and should use these elements to enhance the audience's understanding and enjoyment of the play:

  1. The history of the play
  2. It's relevance as a true Tragedy
  3. Playwright information
  4. The world of the play
  5. The themes of the play

OPTION 2) Make a pictoral collage of materials that would benefit the actors and designers of the play. You may use pictures, quotations, drawings, etc. to give the actors ideas as to the world of the play, playwright, themes, and history.

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