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Huh? Theatre? The Basics! (Part 1)

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Intro ( MOV )   ::   Performing   ::   Theatre?   ::   Genres   ::   Tragedy!   ::   Activities

Genres of Theatre

Genre is a French word, meaning "type" or "kind."

There are, of course, various types of theatre. In our contemporary era, it seems that more and more types are being invented. Basically, though, most performances fall under several main genres:

  1. Tragedy (the sad face of the theatre masks)
  2. Comedy (the happy face of the theatre masks)
  3. Tragicomedy (the dour face of the theatre masks?)
  4. Docudrama (the newscaster face of the theatre masks?)
  5. Drama (technically, the drame, but not even theatre people use this term)
  6. Other types that defy description or that can't be categorized
  7. Children's Theatre

We'll be going over these in the following lessons.

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