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Activity One

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Watch Plays

See four plays, and write one page thought papers for three of the plays. Your fourth play will be the subject of your play critique (see activity three ). These must be live plays at a theatre. If you live in an area in which you think there is no theatre, you may be surprised at how much is actually offered at high schools, community groups etc. Call your local chamber of commerce, or call a nearby college or university. Two of the plays you see must be at either a university or at a professional/semi professional theatre. For each play seen, write a one page, informal but thoughtful paper about the following:

  • The themes or subject matter(s) of the play
  • Who the protagonist is and what he/she/they want (their objectives and the obstacles that stand in their way of reaching their objectives)
  • The things you have in common with either the characters or the themes.
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