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As new homeowners start using the new home, friends and family often ask them how they like their new home. They expect to be satisfied and happy with it because the actual new home should match what they had dreamed and planned. They use it a while, check out the furnace, the dishwasher, the toilets - to make sure they all work and match their expectations and the building code requirements. The same thing happens with a new course. People try it out for a while to decide if it can be used for the goals and purposes for which it was created. If not, they may make minor adjustments and then continue using it again and again.

During the Evaluation Phase in Lesson 5, you will:

  • Conduct a final, overall evaluation of your course.
  • Collect data and summarize the responses.
  • Adjust the course design and parts of the media in your project as necessary. Clean up the project and make any final revisions.
  • Release the project.
  • Write your reflections and a summary of what you learned.

Evaluate your project as a whole. Some general questions to ask yourself:

  • Were the students able to pass my assessments ok as a result of taking my course?
  • What do people like best or least about the course?
  • What kinds of responses did you get when they rated parts of your work?
  • What did you learn from all this?
  • What did you like or not like about designing and creating your own course?

Evaluation Steps

Evaluation Steps ( PDF )

Evaluation Video

Evaluation Video ( MOV )


Evaluation Worksheet 23
Evaluation Worksheet 24
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