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The day finally comes when the building construction is done on a new home. The contractors clean up their piles of rubble and get all the rooms in order for the transition of the new owners to take over. The homeowners begin moving in with boxes and furniture to try out their new home. They check to make sure everything is working properly. If there is a problem with the plumbing or the garage door, they call the builder to come back and fix it.

In a way, the same thing happens when you create a new course. Other people try it out for you. They check to make sure that the parts are working properly and it all looks OK to suit them. Usually there are some little things to fix. You take their suggestions and refine the course.

The Implementation Phase of the ADDIE model is usually interesting because other people may find some "bugs" in your media that you did not expect or even think of before. It is a time to be flexible because you do not know for sure if everything you planned on will actually work or not until it is put to the test.

As you ask a subject matter teacher or a few students to try out your prototype lesson, you sit with them and watch how they do it. Can they do what you had planned? Ask them questions and write down their answers as a guide to improving your project. Find out what is confusing to them, parts they would like you to fix, and what exactly they like about your work.

During the Implementation Phase in Lesson 4, you will:

  • Complete the lesson or project enough for people to try it out. Develop enough material to test at least one of your objectives.
  • Conduct an Alpha Test with a few people.
  • Revise and improve the course according to the suggestions, and this time, complete or polish all parts as much as possible.
  • Conduct a Beta Test with 5 or more people who are representatives of your target audience.

Implementation Steps

Implementation Steps ( PDF )

Implementation Video

Implementation Video ( MOV )


Implementation Worksheet 20
Implementation Worksheet 21
Implementation Worksheet 22
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