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By the end of the ADDIE design phase, designers have a basic idea of the structure of the course. Next, it is time to actually start developing or constructing the materials of the actual instruction. This is like building a house as a person's dream home goes from seeing the blueprint to actually pouring the cement foundation and adding the structure of walls and roof. Then developers add the sheet rock, wring and plumbing to the building structure. Finally, they add the floors, molding, windows, and doors.

During the Develop Phase in Lesson 3, you will:

  • Develop all the materials for a prototype lesson or multimedia presentation
  • Create a file directory and store all files
  • Create a prototype lesson and compile or render your finished product
  • Check copyright permissions and list the credits
  • Use a production checklist to double check that everything looks and functions properly.
  • Be ready to go try it out on other machines!

The develop phase of ADDIE is usually the phase people think of when they think of doing a multimedia project. A lot of people just want to start with the Develop phase. If they do that, their final project may be interesting, cute, beautiful, or flashy - but it probably won't be instructional, too. This is why the ADDIE process asks you to spend time analyzing and planning to meet the needs of your audience. Then, there will be a good fit for all when you get to the Develop phase.

So, after many months of learning to Photoshop, PowerPoint, Flash and other multi-media tools, it is now time for you to use them to build your prototype!

Development Steps

Development Steps ( PDF )

Development Video

Development Video ( MOV )


Development Worksheet 16
Development Worksheet 17
Development Worksheet 18
Development Worksheet 19
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