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Just as builders and architects look at the land and find out about what the new homeowners want before they start building the home, you as a multimedia designer will begin your instructional media project by thinking about what you will create and why. Who will use your project and why? What do they need to know or do?

Use the ADDIE instructional design process to make sure that learners have a good instructional experience that does not happen in a haphazard way. This is a planned process so that the students who use your project will achieve the goals of your instruction. They will be able to do this better because you make effective plans and decisions in each of the 5 ADDIE phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.

Each ADDIE phase will be covered in one lesson in this course. Analysis is the first lesson and phase. Every instructional design project begins with Analysis . You will receive step-by-step instruction to do all the Analysis tasks and worksheets.

Analysis Steps

Analysis Steps ( PDF )

Analysis Video

Analysis video ( MOV )


How to Plan and Conduct an Interview
Rubric for Interviewing
Effective Objectives
List of Verbs for Writing Lesson Objectives
Analysis Worksheet 1
Filled-in Example of Analysis Worksheet 1
Analysis Worksheet 2
Filled-in Example of Analysis Worksheet 2
Analysis Worksheet 3
Filled-in Example of Analysis Worksheet 3
Analysis Worksheet 4
Filled-in Example of Analysis Worksheet 4
Analysis Worksheet 5
Filled-in Example of Analysis Worksheet 5
Analysis Worksheet 6
Filled-in Example of Analysis Worksheet 6
Analysis Worksheet 7
Filled-in Example of Analysis Worksheet 7
Analysis Worksheet 8
Analysis Worksheet 9
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