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Required Texts

  1. Thomas G. Alexander, Utah: The Right Place, (Salt Lake City: Gibbs-Smith Publisher, 1995) ISBN#0-87905-690-8.
  2. Ted J. Warner, editor, The Escalante Journals, (Salt Lake City: The University of Utah Press) ISBN#0-87480-448-5.
  3. Utah: The Struggle for Statehood, video 1995 KUED. This is available at most libraries in Utah, it is available for sale at University of Utah Press, 101 USB, Salt Lake City, UT. 84112 (800) 773-6672.
    • Cost is $34.95 plus $4.95 Shipping and handling.
    • Return time is approximately 1 - 2 weeks.
    • They will accept Visa and MasterCard.
    • You may also rent a copy of the videos from the Independent Study office for $25 and $10 will be returned to you upon return of the video.


(for Reading Selections Assignment )

  1. Antoine Robidoux—Buckskin Entrepreneur ( PDF , DOC )
  2. The Common Touch ( PDF , DOC )
  3. Ute Lands and People ( PDF , DOC )
  4. Whose Land. In the section 'Whose Land,' please understand that you may not have known anything about the specifics of jurisdiction or some of the other issues, however the concepts of land use, urban verses rural thinking, environmentalism, etc. are of particular significance to all Western states and regions. ( PDF , DOC )

Selected Bibliography

One of the most important tools that an historian has is knowledge of the published material on a topic. Topical bibliographies are something that should be collected and added to often. Below is a beginning of Utah History sources. This is only a partial list showing some titles in most of the major areas of Utah's History.

One of the sources that I constantly use for Utah History is Utah History Encyclopedia , this is now available in full text on the internet. Another good source of general information is the Utah Historical Society . There are several other internet sites that can be of value to you in your research.

Pre-Mormon Utah

Bancroft, Hubert Howe, History of Utah, 1889.

Bolton, Herbert E., Pageant in the Wilderness, 1950.

Bolton, Herbert E., Spanish Explorations in the Southwest, 1542-1706.

Warner, Ted J. editor, The Dominguez-Escalante Journal, 1976.

Fremont, John C. Memoirs of My Life, 1887.

Irving, Washington, The Adventures of Captain Bonneville, 1849.

Morgan, Dale, The Great Salt Lake, 1947.

Morgan, Dale, Jedediah Smith and the Opening of the West, 1953.

Gowans, Fred R. Rocky Mountain Rendezvous, 1985.

Gowans, Fred R. Fort Bridger and Camp Supply, 1980.

Brooks, George R., editor, The Southwest Expedition of Jedediah Smith: His Personal Account of the Journey to California, 1826-27,

Camp, Charles L., editor, James Clyman, Frontiersman: The Adventures of a Trapper and Covered-Wagon Emigrant as Told in His Own Reminiscences and Diaries, 1960.

Russell, Osborne, Journal of a Trapper, Aubrey Haines editor, 1955.

Stewart, George R., Ordeal By Hunger: The Story of the Donner Party, 1960.

White Settlement

Bushman, Richard L., Joseph Smith and the Beginnings of Mormonism, 1985.

Allen, James B. and Leonard, Glen M., The Story of the Latter-Day Saints, 1976.

Arrington, Leonard, Great Basin Kingdom.

Arrington, Leonard, Brigham Young: An American Moses.

Stegner, Wallace, The Gathering of Zion.

Hafen, LeRoy, Handcarts to Zion.

Pratt, Parley P. Autobiography.

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Stout, Hosea, On the Mormon Frontier: The Diary of Hosea Stout.

Stenhouse, T.B.H., Rocky Mountain Saints, 1873.

Tyler, Daniel, A Concise History of the March of the Mormon Battalion, 1881.

Burton, Richard F., The City of Saints, 1862.

Native Americans and Ethnic Groups

Cuch, Forest, ed. A History of Utah's American Indians.

Conetah, Fred, A History of the Northern Ute People.

Papanikolas, Helen Z., The Peoples of Utah.

Benally, Clyde, et. al. Dineji Nakee Naahane: A Utah Navajo History.

Bailey, Paul, Jacob Hamblin: Buckskin Apostle.

Madsen, Brigham D. The Mormon Frontier and the Bear River Massacre.

Jones, Daniel W. Forty Years Among the Indians.

Gottfredson, Peter, Indian Depredations in Utah. 1919.

From Territory to Statehood: Polygamy, Railroad, United Order, Outlaws, etc.

Van Wagoner, Richard S., Mormon Polygamy: A History.

Foster, Lawrence, Religion and Sexuality: The Shakers, the Mormons, and the Oneida Community.

Embry, Jessie L., Mormon Polygamous Families: Life in the Principle, 1987.

Larson, Gustive O., The "Americanization" of Utah for Utah Statehood.

Lyman, E. Leo, Political Deliverance: The Mormon Quest for Utah Statehood.

Furniss, Norman F., The Mormon Conflict.

Allen, Edward, Second United Order Among the Mormons.

Taylor, Fred, A Saga of Sugar.

Whitney, Orson F., Popular History of Utah.

Arrington, Leonard, Great Basin Kingdom.

Kelly, Charles, The Outlaw Trail.

Pointer, Larry, In Search of Butch Cassidy.

Warner, Matt, The Last of the Bandit Riders.

Utah Mining Association, Utah's Mining Industry.

From Statehood to the Present

Allen, James B. and Cowan, Richard O., Mormonism in the Twentieth Century.

Nelson, ElRoy, Utah Economic Pattens.

Arrington, Leonard, and Alexander, Thomas, A Dependent Commonwealth: Utah's Economy from Statehood to the Great Depression.

Alexander, Thomas, and Allen, James B., Mormons & Gentiles: A History of Salt Lake City.

Lowitt, Richard, The New Deal and the West.

Daniels, Roger, et. al. editors, Japanese Americans: From Relocation to Redress.

Lythgoe, Dennis L., Let 'Em Holler: A Political Biography of J. Bracken Lee.

Matheson, Scott, Out of Balance.

May, Dean L., Utah: A People's History.

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