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About the Professor

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Professor Barton

Professor John Barton, M.A.

Senior Lecturer

Department of History
Utah State University

Image courtesy of John Barton

About Professor Barton

As a native of Utah and a historian in the state for the last several years, Professor Barton finds this region's past very interesting and hopes that you come to share that interest.

Professor Barton is the recipient of the Continuing Education Practices Award for Innovative Practices for 2003/2004. He is a senior lecturer in history and works at the Uintah Basin campus. Professor Barton is well known to students as an interesting teacher who weaves spell-binding stories into his classroom. It is no wonder that he is a popular teacher who receives high ratings from his students. Professor Barton's innovative practices are especially evident during summer semester, when he offers history classes by field trip so that students can explore the geography and history of the west.

Professor Barton and his students have explored the Lewis and Clark trail by following the Missouri River to its source, over the continental divide, then on to the Pacific Ocean. To prepare for their travels, students read from primary sources such as journals and other original documents. In previous years, Professor Barton and his students have explored the Sante Fe Trail, the Alamo, the California Trail, and the gold mining camps of Colorado.

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