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Unit 8: Keeping Current with the Weather

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Forecasting   ::   AFFIRMS   ::   Warnings   ::   Management   ::   Services   ::   Mobile Units   ::   Forecasts   ::   Monitoring   ::   Exercises


Upon completion of this unit you will be expected to:

  • Describe and give the purposes for each of these forecasts available to fire managers - general fire weather, red flag warning, special spot weather, smoke management, and fire behavior forecasts.
  • Describe AFFIRMS and the services it provides to resource management agencies.
  • Describe four steps essential to getting a good spot weather forecast.
  • Discuss weather monitoring and observations that should be made on fires and their locations and frequency.
  • Describe the purpose of a security weather watch and how it is established.
  • Give six benefits of having a mobile weather unit on a fire.
  • Give four weather measurements that can be taken with the belt weather kit, and the standards for accuracy for each.


Because fire behavior processes are so dependent on elements of weather, this course puts strong emphasis on weather and its changeability. Fire managers recognize this fact and have grown very dependent on weather forecasts and other means of keeping current with the elements of weather and fire danger. Fire management organizations have special needs for weather forecasting services.

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