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Unit 8: Keeping Current with The Weather

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Exercise 1

General fire weather forecasts

Use the general forecast for the afternoon and the morning update, then complete the following items.

Exercise 1

  1. Question 1 : What does the discussion portion of both forecasts give you?
  2. Question 2 : According to the discussion and the specific zone forecasts on the afternoon forecast, the greatest lightning risk tonight is in what zone?
  3. Question 3 : If you are in zone 103, how do you expect the winds to change tomorrow over today?
  4. Question 4 : According to the updated or morning forecast, do you think there will be a greater or lesser risk of thunderstorms for zone 108 than indicated in the earlier forecast?

Exercise 2

Special spot weather forecasts

Using the forecast request form, complete the following items.

Exercise 2

  1. Question 1 : What general information about your fire should be provided to the forecaster?
  2. Question 2 : What weather data from the fire is submitted with a request for a spot weather forecast?
  3. Question 3 : How do you obtain the necessary weather data at your fire to assist the forecaster?

Exercise 3

Comparing various forecasts

Complete the following items.

  1. Question 1 : What common elements do each of the weather forecasts have?
  2. Question 2 : How are spot weather forecasts dependent on field weather observations?
  3. Question 3 : Why do you suppose a meteorologist on the fire could produce a better forecast than a spot forecast prepared at a fire weather office?
  4. Question 4 : How could a smoke management forecast be of value to firefighters?
  5. Question 5 : How does the fire behavior forecast differ from fire weather forecasts?

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