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Unit 8: Keeping Current with The Weather

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Fire Behavior Forecasts

When both a meteorologist and a fire behavior officer are on a fire:

  1. The meteorologist and weather observers work for the fire behavior officer.
  2. The fire behavior officer makes fireline observations and notes fire behavior factors affecting the fire.
  3. The meteorologist prepares the most detailed weather forecast possible for the fire area.
  4. The fire behavior officer prepares his fire behavior forecast or predictions using all fire behavior and weather information available to him.

Fire Behavior Forecast : Fire behavior predictions are prepared for each shift by a fire behavior officer to meet planning needs of the fire overhead organization. The forecast interprets fire calculations made and describes expected fire behavior by areas of the fire, and identifies hazards due to fire for ground and aircraft activities.

A fire behavior forecast includes a short weather summary followed by considerable detail on expected fire behavior by areas of the fire. It also identifies time periods when certain erratic fire behavior activities are expected and recommends precautions to be taken as a result of these. A good fire behavior forecast is a valuable planning tool and places strong emphasis on safety. This forecast is usually distributed to overhead personnel at the beginning of each shift.

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