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Unit 8: Keeping Current with The Weather

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Smoke Management

Smoke Management Forecast : Advises fire managers of the atmospheric conditions for the next 36 hours which will affect the dispersal of pollutants from fire.

There are several things to note about smoke management forecasts. First, they are issued in the morning and describe atmospheric conditions such as stability and transport wind at various altitudes for today and tomorrow.

Second, the forecasts are issued during various times of the year and not exclusively during fire seasons. This is because prescribed burning is frequently done during off-fire season months.

Third, these forecasts may be issued from offices other than the National Weather Service. In California, some State and County agencies are involved in preparing these forecasts. Please come back and read these forecasts in more detail later.

Smokey fire Smoke in populated area
Smokey fire Smoke in populated area

Fire managers are most concerned about smoke dispersal in higher populated areas where people's activities might be affected by poor visibility or air pollution. There may not be much a fire manager can do about smoke from a wildfire, but he can usually plan prescribed fires to take place when smoke dispersal conditions are most favorable.

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