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Unit 8: Keeping Current with The Weather

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Red Flag Warnings

Red flag warnings indicate conditions suitable for large fire development.

Red flag warnings will be issued by the NWS fire weather forecasting offices when:

  1. There is general dry lightning activity.
  2. The first lightning activity is foreseen after an extremely dry period.
  3. The fire danger is high to extreme and the approach of a cold front will result in gusty and changeable winds of 20 mph or more.
  4. The forecaster foresees a change in weather that would result in a sufficient increase in fire danger to warrant a revised special forecast at a time other than those of a regular forecast.

The red flag warning may be issued any time of day or night, or it may be issued as a part of the general fire weather forecasts. Remember that red flag warnings are issued very infrequently. Some years, red flag warnings may not be issued at all, while other years they might come out several times during the season.

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