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Unit 8: Keeping Current with The Weather

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AFFIRMS : Administrative and Forest Fire Information Retrieval and Management System. It is a user-oriented interactive computer program that permits entry of fire weather observations and forecasts, and performs the computations of fire danger indices. This system is used on a National basis and requires that fire management offices have a computer terminal connected to a central computer via the telephone system.

There are several services that AFFIRMS provides to fire managers. These functions are diagrammed in the figure above. On the input side, participating agencies take weather observations daily at fire weather stations and enter these into AFFIRMS. The National Weather Service retrieves these observations and, together with other forecasting aids, prepares general weather forecasts for each fire weather district. These forecasts go into the computer. Other uses to which AFFIRMS is put are administrative and fire status reports from various agency offices, and other special administrative reports related to fire weather and fire danger.

AFFIRMS is a processor of weather and fire danger data

On the output side of AFFIRMS, any office that has a computer terminal can access the following items from any place in the United States: the fire weather station observations; fire situation reports for some areas; the daily fire weather forecast and forecast updates; and the National Fire Danger Rating System indices and components that have been calculated by the computer for today and the predicted indices and components for tomorrow. The weather information is archived; that is, put into permanent data storage for possible use later.

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