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Unit 6: Local and General Winds

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Wind Effects   ::   General Winds   ::   Local Winds   ::   Winds of Concern   ::   Wind Input   ::   Exercises


Upon completion of this unit you will be expected to:

  • Explain the relationship between general, local, surface and midflame winds.
  • Give the origins or causes of six kinds of winds, local or general.
  • Given locations on a topographic map, describe typical slope and valley winds at those locations for various times of day.
  • Show the usual winds that result with a cold front passage.
  • Illustrate the first three stages of thunderstorm development, and describe the weather conditions associated with each stage.
  • Explain how windspeeds are measured, and how wind predictions are applied to fire spread calculations.
  • Determine midflame windspeeds when given the 20-foot surface winds, fuel type or model, and terrain features.


This unit addresses winds, both local and general, and what firefighters should know about them.

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