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Unit 3: Topography & Fire Behavior

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Topography   ::   Canyons & Drainages   ::   Retarders   ::   Slopes   ::   Exercises


Upon completion of this unit you will be expected to:

  • Explain how the factors of topography affect fuels and their availability for combustion.
  • Explain how topography can affect the direction and rate of spread of fires.
  • Describe how changes in fuels and topography can provide barriers or partial barriers to the spread of fires.
  • List five mechanical effects topography can have on weather.
  • Describe how topography induces several local wind conditions including slope and valley winds.
  • Explain the "chimney effect" in canyon topography.
  • Determine the slope percent from topograpnhic maps, and describe how slope percent is determined or estimated in the field.
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