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Unit 11: Fire Behavior Prediction Systems

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Formulas for calculating adjusted fire behavior values:

ROS = Rate of spread for no wind or slope
FI = Fireline intensity for no wind or slope
WF = Wind factor
SF = Slope factor

Adjusted rate of spread = (ROS x WF) + (ROS x SF) + ROS
  = ROS x (WF + SF + 1)
  = ROS x (effective windspeed factor + 1)
  = ROS x total correction factor

Adjusted fireline intensity = (FI x WF) + (FI x SF) + FI
  = FI x (WF + SF + 1)
  = FI x (effective windspeed factor + 1)
  = FI x total correction factor

Effects of slope on rate of spread

Effects of Slope

Effects of Slope

Fuel moisture effect on ignition
Fine fuel moisture effect on probability of ignition

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