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Professor Latham

Professor Glenn I. Latham, Ed.D.

Department Head / Professor

University Extension
Utah State University

Image courtesy of Louise Latham

About Professor Latham

Dr. Glenn I. Latham has studied, developed, practiced, and proven principles that improve and heal family relationships. Dr. Latham's internationally acclaimed program is founded on a system of Positive Parenting principles, strategies, and skills, developed, tested, and proven over 35 years of continuous research and trial. Dr. Latham has defined this behavior model in over 250 technical research papers, reports, journal articles, presentations, books, and chapters in books relating to behavior management at home and in schools.

Dr. Latham's principles include home remedies, preventive strategies, and positive skills that bring parents and children together in loving relationships. As a family first aid, these principles help solve problems from toilet training, sibling rivalry, and tantrums, to teenage difficulties, and adult family relations. With the skills learned through this proven long-term success plan, parents can effectively teach their children and influence their grandchildren while enjoying better family relationships.

This course is based on Dr. Latham's definitive work, The Power of Positive Parenting, a precise and practical guide to raising children with love and discipline. This guide provides immediate solutions for problem behaviors as well as long-term care for building stable, loving families.

Among numerous awards, Dr. Latham was honored with the annual Public Service award by the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis. This award was in recognition of his contribution to Florida's statewide efforts to improve services to children and families.

Throughout his life, Glenn Latham modeled good behavior as husband, father, and grandfather, and he lived his motto, "Behave well." Dr. Latham recently passed away, but his legacy continues to thrive and grow. Louise Latham has actively contributed and participated with Glenn as wife, mother of their six children, and grandmother of a growing treasury of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Louise is a personal expert in the 35 years of Dr. Latham's work and actively promotes the Positive Parenting cause.

Glenn Latham received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Utah and his doctorate in Education from Utah State University. He was a professor in the Education Department as well as founder of several other programs. Dr. Latham was Director and principal investigator of the Mt. Plains Regional Resource Center serving eleven states and all Bureau of Indian Affairs schools nationally. As professor emeritus he continued to serve and contribute to science and society. His experience as a public school teacher and school administrator enhanced his perspective as a researcher and behavioral science professional. Dr. Latham was recognized nationally and internationally as a scholar and expert presenter of the behavioral sciences particularly in family and school settings.

Dr. Latham's award winning program is comprehensive for expert application and simple for everyday parents…learn the principles, apply the process, and enjoy more fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.

To learn more about Dr. Latham and his work, please visit his web site .

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