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Influential Person

  1. Identify ONE of the most influential people in your life. This must be someone you have met face to face and not just someone you have read about or admire.
  2. Describe the qualities of this person.
  3. Based on what you have learned, did this person live primarily in the constructive world or the destructive world?
  4. It is quite likely that the qualities and attributes that you identified in this person are some of the same qualities and attributes you recognize and aspire to in yourself when you are living constructively. We enjoy being with, admire, and even want to be like people who live primarily in the constructive world, although they may not live there all the time. They are generally not prideful, blaming, accusing, angry, or self-justifying people. They are more loving, caring, compassionate, and mindful of their own and others best interests. Some of the best examples we have of how to live in the constructive world and escape from the destructive world we create for ourselves come from those people we most admire.

  5. By now you may have given up the resistant attitudes that were present at the time of the personal example you thought of where you did not do something for someone that you felt you should.
    1. Think about and describe how you did it.
    2. If you have not given up your resistant attitudes, think about what that would require of you now.

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