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Your Partner

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Introduction  ::   Problem Sources   ::   Moral Sense   ::   Two Worlds   ::   Escaping


"Having a healthy marriage is more than finding the right person, it's becoming the right person."
-Lolly Pisoni

Purpose : The purpose of the four modules in this section entitled Your Partner is to help you think honestly about the way you relate to and treat your partner and the way you think of yourself in your relationship.

If we as humans see ourselves as merely victims of circumstance, culture, history, traumatic events, or other people's actions, we begin to feel trapped by our past or present experiences. When we do this, we rob ourselves of the possibility of changing because we tell ourselves "I can't help but be the way I am and feel the way I do given the things that have happened to me".

Your Partner shows how we can do our part to transform the quality of the relationships we experience, regardless of current or past experience. It also shows how it is possible, in the present moment, to help create the quality of the world we live in, and thus, the quality of our future. For those of you considering marriage or who are already married, creating a quality relationship with your partner is undoubtedly a high priority. When the relationship is "going well" we don't pay much attention to why that is. And so often, when the relationship becomes strained - even temporarily - we often misread the reasons for the problem. To enhance your ability to meet such challenges, we ask you to consider some possibilities.

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