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The Busy-ness of Work & Marriage

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Andy and Jan

Andy and Jan both had demanding careers. Andy was a sales representative for a large pharmaceutical company and Jan was a human resource manager for an airline. They both made good money and enjoyed their jobs, but neither of them saw each other as much as they would like. Andy and Jan seemed to get everything done at home and at work. However, their relationship began to suffer because when they did see each other the discussion always seemed to turn to who was busier, or more tired, etc. Andy and Jan were beginning to feel that their partner's career was more important than their relationship. They then began to avoid one another by burying themselves in their work.

Nathan and Cammie

Nathan worked as physician's assistant. He worked long hours and was frequently on-call. Cammie worked as an audiologist. They were both so busy that they did not get to spend as much time with one another as they would like and they sometimes found it difficult to coordinate their schedules. Occasionally when they were able have some time together, Nathan would get called away on an emergency. However, Nathan and Cammie had a wonderful relationship. They both knew that they were a priority to their partner and they did as much as they could to support one another in their careers and in their home responsibilities. They found little ways to connect with one another and they would talk often, even if it was only for a few minutes at a time.

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