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Sexual Relations

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Birth Control Misunderstandings

Jared and Deann were married while they were still in college. They both planned on graduating and having jobs before they began their family. However, Deann ended up getting pregnant on their honeymoon. In the rush of final preparations for their wedding, Deann had forgotten to take her birth control pill for a few days prior to the wedding.

Sonia and Robert were engaged to be married. Their pastor required them to participate in pre-marital counseling before he would perform the ceremony. When the counselor brought up the topic of sex and family planning, Robert expressed his belief that birth control was wrong. Sonia had not known this. She was shocked and worried. She did not want to become pregnant right away, nor did she want a large family.

Steve and Becky were deeply in love and considering marriage. As they began talking about what various aspects of their life together might be like, they began to discuss sex, including their thoughts about children and birth control. Steve thought that Becky should use birth control pills so that they could have sex without anything getting in the way. He thought it would be more pleasurable for him that way. Becky was hoping that Steve would use condoms instead. She had heard that she might experience some negative side effects using the pill, such as cramping and weight gain.

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