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Personal Interests & Expectations

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Jeff's Softball

Jeff had always loved to play softball. As a student in college he played on a variety of intramural softball teams. After college he continued to play softball on a number of city league teams. He played with a group of his friends and co-workers. When Jeff met Nichole and they began dating, she was happy to come to his softball games and watch him play. She enjoyed cheering him on and Jeff was happy to have his girlfriend there routing for him. After the games they would spend time together talking and getting to know one another better. Eventually Jeff and Nichole were married and started a family. Jeff continued to play softball. Nichole rarely attended the games now. They were too frequent (3 nights a week) and it was just too difficult for her to attend to the baby at the softball diamond. Besides, they weren't able to go out to eat and talk after the games now like they used to because the baby needed to be in bed. Now Jeff would go out after the games with his softball buddies. Nichole began to feel somewhat unhappy with Jeff and resentful of his commitment to his friends and softball. She wondered if she really mattered.

Shannon's Old Friends

Shannon was one of the most popular girls in her school. She was attractive and athletic and she reveled in the attention she got from the boys. She dated many of them but it never lasted long. She quickly grew disinterested and then moved on to a new boyfriend. She eventually picked out Darin as the one she wanted most and she used all of her charm to catch him, much to his parent's dismay. Darin's parents knew what she was like, they knew her reputation, and they tried to warn their son that marrying her was not a good idea. They married anyway and soon after the wedding it became clear that she was not very invested in the relationship. She had lost none of her childish selfishness. She slept late, did not contribute to the housework, went shopping in the afternoon, and took off on her own at night to party with her old friends. Darin's parents and friends felt sorry for him and Darin also began to feel like he was not as important to Shannon as her friends.

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