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Personal Interests & Expectations

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The Clinging Parent

Mike grew up in an affluent two-parent family where his father was a medical doctor. Mike respected his parents and had a pretty good relationship with them although he felt like they were a bit more controlling than many parents. Mike intended to follow in his father's footsteps by becoming a doctor and he was grateful that his parents were willing to pay for his education. During the last year of his undergraduate studies, he met a girl that he fell in love with and decided he wanted to marry. When Mike told his parents of his intention to propose to Kathy and to be married to her after graduating but prior to starting medical school, they were less than enthused. In fact, his father said, "If you choose to marry her I will not pay for any of your medical school and you will have to do it on your own. I'm not paying for you and a wife." Mike decided to get married anyway and to do medical school on his own. Mike and Kathy's relationship with his parents was strained because of their attempts to prevent the marriage.

The Clinging Child

When Robert was 10 years-old his parents got a divorce. His father moved out of state and their contact was minimal. Robert lived with his mother, and during the years that followed the divorce Robert became very close to his mother. When he was older, Robert attended the local community college, primarily because he did not want to go far from home. There he met a woman named Lisa, whom he began dating, and eventually decided to marry. Lisa loved Robert but she was somewhat bothered by the fact he seemed to be emotionally closer to his mother than he was to her. Robert would confide in his mother about anything, even things that he would not discuss with Lisa. One day after Robert and Lisa had an argument, Lisa was shocked and hurt to discover that he had shared the whole story with his mother and asked for her advice on what to do. Lisa felt betrayed. She believed their argument was a private issue that should have been kept between the two of them and resolved without bringing his mother into it.

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