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Personal Interests & Expectations

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A Husband Doing More

I once had an older male student in a class I was teaching who had been married for many years. He shared with the class a valuable lesson that his mother had taught him prior to getting married that relates to the household division of labor.

His mother had taught him that if he ever saw anything around his house that he thought needed to be done that he ought to just do it, rather than complaining to his wife or holding resentments towards her about it not being done. She taught him that it didn't matter who made the mess or whose responsibility he thought it might be to clean it up. It just mattered that it got done.

He followed his mother's advice and he said that one idea had kept him busy doing housework that he might not otherwise have done and that it strengthened his marriage as well. His relationship with his wife was strengthened because she felt like he cared for her because he did his share of the housework and because he did not blame her for things that were not done, which could have lead to many arguments.

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