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Why Marriage Prep?

" The First Bond of Society is Marriage."
- Cicero

Marriage is very popular in the United States. In fact, 90% of all people in the U.S. will marry at least once. The problem is that not everyone who gets married stays married. The divorce rate in the U.S. has hovered around 50% for years and there has been much discussion about the negative economic, emotional, and societal effects of divorce and the disintegration of the family.

Researchers, however, have affirmed that there are some wonderful benefits and advantages that come from a healthy marriage. In general, married couples are happier, healthier, and wealthier than their unmarried counterparts. Good marriages, however, take work and the skills you learn here will need to be used over and over again throughout marriage. Diane Sollee, marriage therapist and founder of the Coalition for Marriage, Family, and Couples Education says, "Many people think marriage is either sticking it out and being miserable or getting lucky in love. But we can become masters of marriage." It just takes work and commitment.

The purpose of this course is to provide instruction, resources, skills, and hope to couples who are considering marriage as well as couples desiring to strengthen their marriage so that they can enjoy all of the benefits marriage has to offer. The benefit of doing so is that research shows that couples who participate in marriage preparation or strengthening courses such as this one tend to communicate better, solve problems more effectively, and report better relationships than those couples who do not. In short, marriage education makes for a stronger marriage.

This course was designed and based on research conducted with newlyweds and it addresses the issues that newlywed couples struggle with most often in their relationships. Issues such as finances, employment, communication, conflict, commitment, personal interests and expectations, sexual relations, and things to watch out for are discussed. The section entitled Consider Your Partner contains four modules that may influence the way you look at and think about yourself and your partner as you discuss each of the other important relationship areas. We invite you now to consider the possibility of having a lasting and successful marriage. You can start by evaluating you and your partner's marriage preparation experiences using the Marriage Preparation Survey below.

We hope that you will find Saying "I Do:" Consider the Possibilities to be a valuable experience in preparing for or strengthening your marriage.

The term partner is used frequently throughout these modules. It is intended to mean someone you are seriously dating, your fiancé, or your spouse.

Marriage Preparation Expectation Survey

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