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Realistic Expectations about Expenses & Income

"Our body cells renew themselves while we sleep; if only our wallets would do the same!"
- P.K. Shaw

Discussion: Things Cost More Than You Think

You may not remember the long-running television game show, "The Price is Right." The host would bring out items ranging from a can of corn to a new car and contestants would try to guess the correct price. The contestant who most consistently guessed the correct prices was the winner.

If you have not had experience in renting your own home, buying your own groceries, and paying for your own utilities, the price of these items may come as a complete surprise and their total cost can be shocking. You may discover that these expenses eat up most of, or even exceed, you and your partner's take-home pay. Before you marry, it is a good idea to do some "window-shopping." Look at the price of rental units in your area, take a practice grocery shopping trip together, ask friends what they pay for utilities. This will give you a background for setting up your own home together.


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